Preserving Snow Leopard Habitat $10 At a Time

June 10, 2017 iancarey 0

Sometimes the simplest ways to protect the environment are also the most effective…

My girlfriend and I occasionally exchange donations to each other’s favourite charities in lieu of something shiny that would temporarily boost our self-esteem. This year my partner’s donation on my behalf went to the Rainforest Trust in order to help create the Lumbasumba Conservation Area in Nepal. $10 USD conserves 1 acre. read more

Crocodiles Might Be Able To Live Forever, Us Too

June 6, 2017 iancarey 0

This article was published by the Alternative Daily. Ian has covered numerous environmental and wildlife issues for the website.

“You know that whole getting-old-and-dying thing? Turns out, it might be entirely unnecessary. In fact, some lucky creatures out there don’t do it at all.” read more

Article For Cracked Magazine

June 6, 2017 iancarey 0

Link to an article published by humour site and magazine, Cracked.

“Human beings have done a lot of amazing things: medical breakthroughs, space travel, snack packs … all delightful examples of ingenuity at its finest. If there are mysteries with our bodies, our galaxy, or our puddings, we will solve them handily. It’s truly beautiful.” read more

Huffington Post Article: Marijuana Grey Areas

June 4, 2017 iancarey 0

“Last week police arrested Marc Emery for the 30th time. It is believed this is the first time he’s been arrested since police in Montreal picked him up in December, but it’s tough to keep track. Police also raided Cannabis Culture dispensaries owned by him and his partner Jodie in Toronto, Vancouver and Hamilton. Emery faces 15 charges relating to distributing marijuana, and Jodie Emery has been charged with five such offences.” read more